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Upcycle creates custom-made funky, functional, upcycled seating. We use colourful tyres and repurpose them into seats, adding character and originality to the home and garden. Upcyle is the go-to brand for upcycled goods. Upcycle’s mission is to help address the global waste problem through upcycling – offering seating solutions that satisfy your needs for stylish home décor, while also helping the environment. 

Upcycle allows you to custom-design your seating area by choosing the tyre colour, selecting the fabric, materials and pattern, incorporating wheels or creating under-seat storage. Whether you are looking for a waterproof outdoor seating area or a soft, snuggly seat for the kids’ bedroom, or perhaps a hardwearing and practical seat for a living area – the options are endless. Even the height of Upcycle’s seating is individually adjustable, by choosing the number of from tyres in a stack.

Contact us for your custom made seat:

  • AED480 for single tyre, one cushion & delivery within the UAE.
  • AED640 for 2 stacked tyres, one cushion & delivery within the UAE.
  • Additional AED60 for wheels.
  • Additional cushions AED150 each.
  • Additional AED60 for waterproof material